2018 Pricing and Content Changes

We haven’t raised prices since 2008 and we’re proud to announce that we’re maintaining prices despite having made numerous improvements to the kits over the years and absorbing increases in the cost of labor and materials. 

But we’ve changed things around a bit. Here’s a list of the major changes for this year:

  • White gelcoat is standard; other colors are an additional $399 and may delay kit delivery.
  • The Body Fitment option is no longer available.
  • The optional hydraulic lift kit has a slightly reduced price, but must now be purchased directly from RamLift Pro.
  • Kits are now shipped crated rather than as a roller. Please see the Shipping page for more detail.
  • The InfinityBox system has been replaced by a custom drop-in harness that is easier to install and maintain for most builders. A basic alarm with two attractive fobs with long-range ability, a siren, and many other features is also included. See the Electrical System page for more details.