Buyer's Guide

RCR has a wide range of vintage race car replicas and deciding which car can be a daunting decision. In fact, we have a lot of customers who have bought multiple cars. The primary question you need to answer is "What do I want to do with the car?". Do you want a street-only car, one that is streetable but has been tweaked for occasional track days, one that is track only or one that's geared for wheel-to-wheel racing? If you want to race, what type of classes and events do you want to compete in? If you're interested in racing, we have a dedicated racing page here.

From a style perspective do you want an Anglo-American icon (GT40) or something that's more in the shock-and-awe category (Porsche 917)?

We have cars that can scratch just about any vintage race car itch you might have. We just hope that you're not building a garage queen – that's what originals are for. Our cars are designed to be actively driven and raced.

The following table provides summary information about each car. The Effort and Cost columns are general indicators that are relative to the other RCR kits. They reflect the options and build approach most common to that kit. However, both of these can change significantly depending on which options you chose and how you go about building your kit. Please contact us to discuss what type of car you're looking to build.

Car OEM Vintage Chassis Street Cage Effort Cost
RCR 40 MKI Ford 1964 Aluminum Monocoque Track, Race
RCR 40 MKII Ford 1966-1967 Aluminum Monocoque Track, Race
RCR 917 Porsche 1969-1971 Aluminum Monocoque Hybrid Track, Race
RCR 962 Porsche 1981-1987 Aluminum Monocoque Hybrid Track, Race
RCR P4 Ferrari 1967 Aluminum Monocoque Track, Race
RCR T70 MkIIIb Lola 1956-1969 Aluminum Monocoque Track, Race
RCR T70 Spyder Lola 1956-1970 Aluminum Monocoque Roll Bar, Track, Race
RCR XJ13 Jaguar 1966 Aluminum Monocoque Roll Bar
RCR D-Type Jaguar 1954-1957 Aluminum Semi-Monocoque
with Steel Sub Frame
Steinard Formula Libre None 1968-1982 Tube Frame Roll Bar

Please note that RCR can provide kits or vehicles to any stage of completion. For cars that are to be registered for the street we created the Turnkey-Minus Program which includes everything except the drivetrain. For race-only cars, we can provide a kit, a ready to race car, or anything in between.