There are many resources on the Internet that relate to component cars. We can't possibly list them all, but here is a list of some of the more relevant ones. We don't warrant anything here, and we get no financial benefit from listing these beyond the convenience of our customers.

GT40-focused websites

  • International GT40 website. Lots of content about the GT40 in general, and threads relating to all of the significant (and some of the insignificant) manufacturers cars, their builders, etc. This site has the largest number of GT40-related discussions on the web as far as we know.
  • An individual's UK-based site about the GT40, with lots of pics. Also sells some GT40-related stuff.
  • Another UK web site devoted to the GT40.
  • Club Cobra, site mostly devoted to Cobras, but a small GT40 section.
  • Yet another UK 40s website.


  •, a kind of classified site for kit cars in general.
  • Car Builder, formerly Kit Car Builder, now an online emag, with free subscriptions.
  • UK Kit car magazine.

Transaxle suppliers

Engine Suppliers

  • Keith Craft is a well-respected Ford engine supplier.
  • Robert Pond Motorsports makes a wide range of Ford engines.
  • Summit is a big source of Ford crate engines.
  • Jegs also sells the same range as Summit, usually.
  • Roush is very well known for their Ford NASCAR engine program. They also have a comp and street car program.
  • Pro-formance sells custom-built crate engines.