Robertson Racing Project

When David and Andrea Robertson decided to move up in the racing world, they didn't take half measures.

From humble beginnings in SCCA, they ended up racing at the highest levels of sportscar racing in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) with their Doran Ford GTs, competing against mega-dollar factory teams with huge numbers of staff, direct lines to factory engineers, and a stable of professional drivers. 

They raced without any factory assistance at all, developing the cars by themselves, improving their racecraft and speed, building their small team over time, and learning the ropes of professional racing the hard way.

But they did OK anyway, setting pole position at Petit Le Mans, finishing 24 of 28 races in their first three years, and ending up with a dream podium at Le Mans- the only husband-and-wife team to ever podium at the 24-hour classic at Le Sarthe!

We are proud to say that we played a small but key part in their success, fabricating many parts for the cars (they had three cars at one time), and repairing the occasional bent chassis. Some of the parts we made or duplicated for their team are shown in the gallery below.

Beyond performance, their cars are beautiful. We were so impressed with them that we developed the Superlite GT-R. (Of course, Nissan wasn't the first to use the "GT-R" moniker. And while many assume the "R" stands for racing, in this case it stands for Robertson.)