RcR Steinard Formula Libre

The halcyon days of Formula 5000 are not forgotten at RCR. These cars were rivals to the F1 cars of their day, and typically had V8 power of up to 5000 cc- hence their name. The series ran around the world, from 1968 to 1982. Many manufacturers like Lola, Chevron, March and even McLaren made Formula 5000 cars.

Several well-known drivers were famous for their exploits in F5000, including David Hobbs (formerly a commentator for F1 in the USA), Jody Scheckter (1979 Formula 1 World Driving Champion), Brian Redman (now a popular host at vintage races throughout the world), and Alan Jones (also an F1 world champ).

F5000 cars are now seeing a resurgence of interest, as they represent the racing apogee of applying the minimum to get the maximum: minimal bodywork, no computers, engines limited to 5.0 L, and nothing on them that wasn't intended to make them go faster.

And now, RCR offers a car that pays homage to the F5000 series and concepts, with the Steinard Formula Libre that closely follows the formula laid down in the F5000 rules, but is available for realistic money, and is made from new parts (instead of original parts that are now 30-50 years old).

Pricing is just $39,995 for a semi-complete roller. You just have to add your choice of instrumentation, drivetrain, etc and then hit the track! If you want to feel the same pure driving experience that the greats of the past did in their maximum-effort F5000 cars, call the factory for availability, options and a delivery date!


  • Overall Length: 150"

  • Wheelbase: 108"

  • Wheels: 15" x 10" front, 15" x 14" rear

  • Weight: 970 lbs

  • Brakes: 4-piston, front and rear vented rotors

  • Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-engine (LS with 5/6 speed transaxle, typically 400hp), Owner-supplied

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 gallons total; aluminum, saddle type

  • Suspension: Rear CNC-machined uprights, fabricated steel control arms and braces

  • Chassis Construction: Aluminum monocoque, TIG-welded

    Body Construction: Hand-laid fiberglass or aluminum optional