Custom Projects Overview

RCR is much more than just a manufacturer of component cars. We've built many complete cars for movies, several movie camera cars, a slew of one-off show cars, parts for very serious race cars, electric cars, and many other special cars and bits.


Over the years we've built cars that have been featured in many movies including (click image for project details):

Concept Cars

We've also built stunning one-off cars like the lean, edgy, modernista roadster shown below (project details)


Race car parts

RCR and Superlite have built parts for many race teams.  Most of them won't let us talk about it (it's a competitive secret), but one we can discuss is the Robertson Racing Ford GT effort.  The team ran the ALMS series in the GT class for several years, culminating in a run at Le Mans, where they finished on the podium- a remarkable finish considering they were an entirely private team with no support at all from Ford.

RCR built many parts, including suspension pieces, chassis parts and so forth for this team.  


Other Capabilities

We can also do contract body design in our own clay studio. That's how we designed the body for the Superlite SL-C, and the Superlite Apex, for example. 

In addition to complete car design and build, we are also a full-service engineering company, with the ability to produce one-off or low-volume CNC parts on our two Haas machining centers.