Shift Box & Cable Kits


Shift Box & Cable Kits

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Feeling shiftless? We can help!

Suitable for most all mid-engined cars, this kit includes the shifter, cables and brackets necessary to connect to your transaxle. Same unit supplied for the Superlite SL-C, and compatible with 4, 5 or 6-speed transaxles. Uses OEM shift pattern.

Comes with a positive reverse-lockout, and is unaffected by chassis twist (as a rod-based system would be). Designed for H-pattern transaxles; sequential gearboxes need a different kind of shifter.

Many variations; we've listed the most popular here. Contact us for your car's specific needs if you don't see your transaxle. Kits start at about $690,

We can provide shifters with the exact cable length needed, or you can order them with a specific length if you are routing the cables in a different way.

One thing to remember- the cables move inside a sleeve that can melt if exposed to extreme temps. Always insulate the cables if they are near a source of heat like exhaust pipes, mufflers or catalysts.

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