Track Day Cage


Track Day Cage

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This cage is built for track days, HPDE and other similar events, and offers support in the event of a roll-over or crash. It's not legal for wheel-to-wheel racing for most sanctioning bodies, For that you need the race cage option.

In most cases, the Track Day Cage is built of 1.5" OD seamless DOM steel, just like the full race cages we also provide. Welded with the GTAW (TIG) process for best appearance and strength, it adds more protection from rollovers, and good looks to your car.

Consult with the factory before ordering to be sure you have selected the right cage for your application- street, track or race.

Note that as discussed in the FAQs page a race cage should not be installed in a street car where it poses a danger when not wearing a helmet and head and neck restraining device.

Pricing varies depending on the car. Image is generic, and the actual cage design will vary with your car.

Made in USA

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