D-Type Kit Details

If you crave the vintage look- and sound- of a Jaguar D-Type, the RCR D-Type is the obvious choice. Check out the details below and call to order. Delivery time is usually 18-20 weeks ARO. The icons have the following meaning:

No Cost Option
Extra Cost Option
Specifications and Features Kit
TIG-Welded Aluminum Monocoque Chassis Unit
D-Type Style Front and Rear Subframes in Powder-Coated Steel
Engine Mounts for XK Engine
Billet Front Uprights
Performance Wheel Bearings
CNC-Machined Front Upper Control Arms with Heim Joints
CNC-Machined Lower Front Control Arms with Heim Joints
Collapsable Steering Column with U-joints
Quick-Release Steering Wheel Adapter (Wheel to Column)
Custom Steering Rack
Original-Style Steering Wheel - Nardi (more info)
Front Jaguar Rotors with 4-Piston Calipers
Rear Brake Calipers and Rotors with Integrated Parking Brake
Billet Brake Caliper Mounts
Parking Brake Assembly, Handle and Cables
Stainless Steel Hard Lines, Flex Lines, and all Fittings
Stainless Steel Hard Brake Line System Complete with Brake Light Switch (more info)
Braided Flex Brake Lines/Hoses (Connects Calipers to Hard Lines)
Pedal Assembly
Triple-Pedal Assembly
Clutch, Front and Rear Brake Master Clyinders
Brake Fluid Reservoirs for Above
Adjustable Pedal Slider (more info)
Original-Style Dunlop Wheels in Billet Aluminum, 16" (more info)
Main Body, One-Piece Nose, Trunklid, Doors, and Cockpit T Bar
Headrest: "Sebring" or Tailfin or None
Body in Customer-Selected Gelcoat Color
Pair Aluminum Hood Vents
Door Hinges and Latches
Aluminum Inner Panel Kit
Wraparaound Polycarbonate Windscreen (Full-Width or Pair Individual)
Polycarbonate Headlight Covers
Body Rivets (Non-Structual, Simulates Orignal Body) (more info)
Tonneau Cover in Aluminum or Fiberglass (more info)
12-Circuit Wiring Harness with Fuse Box
License Plate Light
Pair Front Turn Signal Lights
Pair Taillights
Pair Headlights
Nosinger Original-Style 6" Tach and Speedo (more info)
Cooling & Fuel
Aluminum Radiator
Period-Style Fan
Aluminum Fuel Tank
Custom Aluminum D-Type Style Header Tank (more info)
Custom Solid Rear Axle, as Original, 3.73 Ratio, Includes Axles, Brakes, Final Drive Gears, Complete
Driveshaft, Transmission to Rear End, Complete
Aluminum Dashboard
Vintage-Style Push-Pull Switches
Seat Upholstery in Vinyl (Tan, Green or Blue) (more info)
Complete Upholstery Pack - Transmission Tunnel Cover, Seat Squabs (more info)
Custom Headers, to Spec (more info)
Access to Support Line
Pricing (Prices and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice) $34,995