Electrical System

All new car kits will be shipped with a custom, end-to-end chassis harness with improved reliability- and availability. While the InfinityBox system remains a great choice for those builders who wanted to do deep customizations, we heard loud and clear from builders that a simpler, easier to understand system was desired- and that long waits for it were unacceptable.

The new harness has many other improvements over the previous system including connections for the:

  • alternator
  • battery
  • fuel-level sensor
  • low-pressure fuel pump (the HP pump is normally controlled by the engine control unit).
  • license plate light
  • reverse light

It is fully terminated where the loads are known, and in addition has several extra circuits for you to use as you see fit.

The new car kits will also include an integrated basic alarm with two attractive fobs with long-range ability, a siren, and many other features. Connection to all popular engine control systems is supported.

The InfinityBox system is still available direct from Infinitybox, for those customers who prefer it, though the custom harness previously supplied with that system will revert to the standard Infinitybox 20-circuit universal harness.