Sentry Page Protection


Needed items:

  1. Your E-Z wire harness
  2. Plastic convolute casing
  3. Electrical tape
  4. Bulkhead grommets

Determine your harness routing method. The wiring can be routed a few different ways, including; 

  • Inside the spinal column
  • In one of the lower longitudinal corners (under the edge of the carpet if so equipped)
  • On top of the spinal column (under a formed cover)

For this build, we chose to run through the spinal column. Once deciding on the fuse panel location, we determined the most logical column entry points, drilled holes and installed grommets. We chose 3/4" convolute to provide ample room inside the casing, should we want to run any additional wires in the future. Grommets should be used in all through panel locations. Once grommets are installed snake the convolute into place.

Now, the wire harness needs a little reorganization. The harness is intended for a front engine car, so you must move any engine related wires to the rear half of the harness. This is a simple, but a little time consuming task.  by finding a work area where you can spread out the harness as you go through it. Now, locate the two larger bundles. Choose one, and cut the zip ties holding the bundle together. 

NOTE: Do not cut the zip ties closest to the fuse box.

Now, read the branded label on each wire. Determine if it should be in the front or rear of the chassis. Separate the wires accordingly. Be certain they do not get mixed. Once the first bundle is complete, do the same with the second. With both bundles reviewed and reorganized, now neatly bundle and tape the two new wire sets.

Once you have the harness dressed as desired, fish the wires through the convolute.

Lastly, mount the fuse box by opening the bottom of the box and securing with mounting screws from the inside.