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RCR40 MANUAL: Dash Wiring

This section shows the original Classic Instrument gauge set. The car now ships with gauges from Speedhut that are specifically designed for the RCR40. They are installed just like the older gauges- follow the directions in the Speedhut package for wiring as they vary slightly from the original gauge set. 

Start by determining desired gauge placement and install them. At this time also install any indicator lights.

Modification of the clamp brackets (as shown below) will be necessary for the three angled gauges.

Bracket After

Bracket Before

Now, with all gauges secured, the task of wiring begins. Keep in mind as you wire that if you ever need to service your wiring you will be doing so lying on your back.  So, organize your wiring in a logical and serviceable manner.

Solder or crimp, your decision. We will be soldering and shrink tubing.

One key element to consider as you start laying out your wires is to determine where your wire bundle will exit the dash. We chose to exit in the center, as we have our harness running down the spinal column of the chassis.

Plan out your strategy for power and grounds first. Run your most common leads first, starting with your ground.Then, all common power, then individual leads. You may find it useful to label the back sides of the gauges, so you don't accidentally mis-wire any.

As you progress, label the tail end of each lead. You will be very grateful you did when you are installing the dash. Once complete, gather and bundle the harness. (click on image full high res. copy)

Note regarding Speedometer gauge:
Confirm if you have 8 or 16 DIP switch gauge. Do this by simply counting the DIP switches on the back side of the gauge. If your gauge has 8 switches follow instruction supplied with the gauge for installation. If your gauge has 16 switches you will need a "Speed Signal Interface" part number SN77. If this is the case please contact Classic Instruments at +1-800-575-0461 provide them the secret password: "monocoque" and request that you be sent one. There should be no charge to you for this component.