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RCR40 MANUAL: Drivetrain Fitment

Two major tasks at hand in this chapter:

  1. Install the RCR starter clearance plate.
  2. Determine engine mount locations.

Locate your starter clearance plate (LH picture). Cut down the cross member bushing sleeves (RH picture) to the appropriate length to fit the nylon bushings.

Install the motor mounts (both engine and frame) to the engine block. You may want to cover the frame mounts with duct tape, so you don't scratch the engine bay walls. Set your drive train in place, and install cross member.

Make spacers as needed to put transaxle output shafts in desired locations, as shown in picture below. Shown drive train is a small block Ford, ZF transaxle with Kennedy Bell housing. For this set up, we made the bushings 1.66" (with an overall length including polymer spacer of 1.80"). Keep in mind, this bushing dimension will be highly dependant upon the engine front dress utilized. Once installed, determine the point where the bell housing contacts the engine bay side wall. Mark this area of contact as location for material removal.

Note: Cross member mounting bolts can NOT be tightened down due to hard contact of bell housing to engine bay.

Cut out the marked area undersized. Be sure to leave enough room to dial in the placement. Reinstall the drive train and dial in areas that need more material removed.

Once you have determined final location, drill holes in corners. Using an air saw or similar tool make your cut. It is not a bad idea to mask the area with duct tape to prevent scratching the surrounding aluminum. Keep the rounded corners, so they will match the radius of the RCR plate.

Install the RCR plate and reinstall the drive train.

Carefully center the engine in the bay, measuring off from the block to the engine bay.

Once the engine position is dialed in, mark and drill the frame mount holes. Be careful to pay attention to the chosen holes and the potential interference of the stringers inside the frame. Choose holes appropriately, drill and mount.