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Fitting & Adjusting the doors

This is a process much like the spider install, in that it should not be rushed. Fitment and final adjustment of the doors is challenging because they are three dimensional, so any given adjustment has an affect in two planes, the vertical door plane and the roof panel.

The first step is to rough in the adjustment of the hinge plates.

Once you get the doors to adequately open and close install the weather stripping for final shaping and adjustment of the doors. Suggested weather stripping options from JC Whitney and McMaster-Carr:

Traditional "door seal": 
JC Whitney PN: ZX132560W

7/16" bulb seal:
McMaster-Carr PN: 1120A431

5/8" bulb seal:
McMaster-Carr PN: 1120A431
JC Whitney PN:  ZX132561U

There are many other options to choose from to fit your preference from JC Whitney.

Now, determine the locations of interference or contact points.

These areas should be sanded down. Useful tip is to mark the edge of the area with a Sharpie pen, so you don't loose sight of the area of concern. This also helps with determining how much material you have removed.

Do the same for the entire profile of the door.  

Tip:  Taper the underside of the rear edge of the door roof. This will help with swing clearance.