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RCR40 MANUAL: Plumbing

The first step of the chassis build is plumbing. Cut your tube bundle apart and lay out the tubes.

Now, identify and lay out the front and rear circuits and the clutch circuit. 

The front circuit is made up of tubes 01, 02, 03 & 06, one plane T fitting, one T fittingwith mounting tab, one pressure switch, one residual valve, and one of the 3 similar looking braded hoses. Note: The residual valve is directional. Be certain it is installedin the correct orientation. It is marked with an arrow to show fluid flow.

The rear circuit is made up of one T fitting, a bulkhead fitting, tube #04, a residual valve and another of the three similar-looking braided hoses.

The clutch line consists of a unique bulkhead fitting (it has a tapered seat insteadof pipe thread).

Start by inserting the three long tube sections into the spinal cavity of the chassis with the closely bend ends forward. Install the T fitting shown. Locate tubes to desired position and mark the bulkhead through hole location.

With the location now marked, drill a pilot hole and mounting hole for the bulkhead fitting. Use a 5/8" butterfly bit or hole saw. Note: It is a good idea to cap off your tubes to ensure no metal shavings enter the open ends (arrows). With the hole drilled, install one of the common bulkhead fittings and tighten.

Install the T fitting. Caution: It is suggested that the task be done with two wrenches location off center. This is in attempt to prevent crushing of the threaded ID. Install the tubes and tighten tube nuts.

Identify desired location for the clutch circuit, mark and drill in same manner as the rear brake circuit.

For this application, you will use the one unique bulkhead fitting. Note it has a tapered seat to mate to the tubing.

Next, moving to the inside, pre-assemble the clutch circuit as shown, using tube section 05, with the male / male fitting and 1 of the 3 similar tubes. Go ahead and tighten these together, as it will be difficult to do once assembled.

Now, do the same to the rear circuit as outlined at the top of this page. Install both sections as shown.

Pre-assemble the front circuit.  Install bulkhead fittings in the side walls, including the "L" fittings. Connect the tubing sections as shown at the top of this page, and lay up against forward bulkhead. Determine location for mounting tab, mark, drill and mount the front circuit.

Loosely install the engine bay sections of tube, so the uprights are against the inner engine bay walls.

Identify the location that the tube will pass through the structure (arrow). Drill pilot hole and with butterfly bit or hole saw drill 5/8" inch to 3/4" holes. With the tube installed through the structure, identify where it will pass through the outer structure. Once this is identified, mark, drill for another bulkhead fitting.

Now identify the bulkhead and adapter fittings needed and install.

It is not a bad idea to now cap off all the bulkhead fittings, to keep out contaminants.

Using the provided mounting brackets, set tubes in desired positions, mark and drill them.

Chassis brake tube installation is now complete.