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Before your chassis leaves our shop, we secure the body down in a very close to final position. However, you must go through the process of "dialing in" its exact location. The process of mounting a GT40 body is very time consuming and requires patience. This is a multiple stage process, involving mounting all body components in position, setting the gaps to rough dimensions, re-positioning the body pieces, fine tuning the gaps a little closer, re-positioning the body pieces again, etc.

This process should not be rushed. If rushed, it almost always results in less than satisfactory body gaps in the end. Do not expect to set an adjustment once and not go back to it for fine tuning.  

As you move forward with each successive step of the body mounting, it is important to take multiple measurements, triangulate the measurements, and measure again before you drill or cut. Remember, your RCR40 body is a very close copy to an original hand made race car body, so it will not be symmetrical. The body should be adjusted to visual/aesthetic alignment, not actual dimensional exactness.

First, assemble your bobbin plates to the recessed areas of the nose.

Set the spider and rockers in place for reference. Set the nose in place blocking and shimming the front end to achieve the desired body alignment. This does not need to be exact because you will have adjustment once installed, but should be quite close to final position.

Correct height can be determined by looking at the side body parting line. The body edge and the rocker should run parallel.

Now, with the clip at the desired height, set the bobbins in place and trace their locations. Remove the nose. Set the bobbins in the traced outlines and rotate the adjustments to the nominal positions, mark the location, drill and mount.

Rotate the bobbins to achieve desired body height alignment.

Reference the wheel positions in the wheel arches. Confirm that the nose is properly located. Since your suspension is accurately positioned, the wheels should be roughly centered to aesthetic appeal.