Sentry Page Protection


Exterior handle installation:

Cut out the blank of the recessed portion of the handle pocket. Do so, by starting with a hole, and then utilize a small hand saw or appropriate air tool. 

Now shape the hole to be flush with the sides of the pocket. Mark a line on the handle through the center line of the pivot hole, long enough that it will be visible with the handle installed. 

Set the handle in the pocket and transfer the center line marking to the door. Determine depth of pivot hole and drill from inside of door. Be certain to mark your upper hole location also. If the holes are not drilled in the same locations, the handle will be cocked once installed. With the holes drilled, set the handle in the pocket and install pivot bolt. Confirm that handle pivots freely and no additional trimming is needed.

Repeat on other door.

Latch installation:

The door latch can be installed either inside the door or surface mounted. The aesthetics of the options are subjective. For this example, we will surface mount the latch.