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RCR40 MANUAL: Fuel FillerS

Cap Assemblies

NOTE: This step must be done after final body panel alignment. 

With the front clip in place, position the polished outer "push button" filler cap so it is centered. Be certain the that the lever can clear the body panel when depressed and that the cap does not hit the body panel in the open position. Mark the location of the cap for drilling.

It will likely be necessary to trim the mounting flange as shown to provide clearance to the windshield base. This can be done with a carbide tool or grinder. Drill the holes and rotation index mark the assembly for easy location during reassembly. You may drill and tap or through bolt this assembly.

Place the filler neck in upside down and mark the mounting hole circle. This can be done simply by using a Sharpie and spinning the assembly. You are doing this to identify the mounting hole circle to ensure you do not make your hole too large.

Now, mark your through hole circumference.

Using a carbide tool in a die grinder, size the hole appropriately.

Center punch, drill and install fastener one at a time, working your way around the mounting plate to ensure optimal fastener alignment.

Reinstall the flip cap.