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RCR40 MANUAL: Sway Bars

Front Sway Bar

Step one is to identify the locations for the sway bar through holes. This must be done very carefully and as exactly as you possible. Click here for a printable drawing to assist with this task. Once the location is identified, drill the pass through hole. If you wish to use a seal here (as shown), they are available through McMaster-Carr. The part number of the shown seal is 9280K33. If you will be using this seal, make your hole slightly undersized,to provide an interference fit. This will help hold the seal tight and improve the seal around the bar. When installing the seal, apply a bead of black RTV prior to inserting it.

Next, install the bar and the bushing blocks.  Slide them up against the seals, and mark the bolt hole positions.

If this install is a retro fit, it may be necessary to pick up a long 1/8" drill bit to assist with the reach past the pedal box.

With the holes drilled, install grade 8 button heads from the outboard side, washers...nuts..and another set of washers. Refer to the printed drawing to confirm your nut and washer stack is correct.

Install the bushing blocks, washer and nuts. Do not yet tighten. Install the bar and locking collars.

Carefully vertically center the bar in the seal. Once centered you may tighten the bushing block to foot box wall fasteners. Center the bar side to side and tighten the lock collars.

Identifyand prep all the needed link arm parts. The supplier has changed to design of the arms a couple times, so your arms may not look like the ones shown.

Trim the arm to the desired length. With this arm, we trimmed 6.250" off. Then determine desired location for mounting holes. You should make a few holes to permit adjustment/tuning.

If this is a retro fit installation, you will need to drill through the appropriate control arm pocket. Mock assemble and determine optimal location for alignment to the center mounting hole of the arm (holes you made in previous step). On final assembly, be sure to LocTite this joint.

Be certain to appropriately space the upper link pin bolt to avoid heim joint bind through range of motion. Tube stock cut to 0.200" works great.

Install the arms and links as shown. Confirm bind free range of motion.