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RCR40 MANUAL: Fire System Fitment

The installation of a fire system is optional but highly recommended.

Start by determining you desired location for the bottle. The location shown is one option. The cable that comes with the system is long enough to support many mounting locations. The only consideration that FireSafe suggests you keep in mind is a horizontal mounting is suggested. It is not mandatory, but suggested. This is due to the fact that the system does not work as efficiently when the bottle is upside down. So, in the event of an inverted vehicle accident, there would be potential for a less efficient/effective extinguishing if the bottle was mounted vertically. So, with this in mind, we have located what we think is the most logical placement. We suggest mounting as far forward as possible on the spare tire shelf. Confirm clearance to nose insert prior to drilling any holes.

Identify desired location, drill holes, mount brackets and clamps.


Install the bottle and secure the band clamps. Determine desired plumbing routing and run the 1/4" aluminum tube. For this installation we are running it through the spinal column. At the tail end of the column it will branch off for two engine bay nozzles. Additionally, we will use both ports on the bottle head, with the second going to the cabin. The fittings are AN, so therefore are 37º tapers.

Identify desired dash location for the pull handle. Drill holes in both the dash and the sub dash. In the photo to the right (arrow), you can see that the cable will need to pass through both as not to have a sharp bend in it.

Install the cable in the dash, string it out to the bottle and determine the length to cut the conduit at. Remove the inner wire strand, and cut the conduit. Insert and tight with the allen head set screw. Reinsert the wire strand until the handle is seated and the safety diaper pin is installed. Cut the excess wire strand leaving just a very short stub extending past the head.

Note: The diaper pin at the handle and the safety pin and the bottle head need to be removed before the system is active.

Now, plumb one lead into the cabin and mount a spray nozzle.
Run the second lead down to the spinal column and back to the engine bay.