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RCR40 MANUAL: Windshield Installation

This is a fairly straight forward task, but must be done carefully. It is easy to damage your paint job if care is not taken. And of course, cracked windshields make for a bad day.

First, thoroughly clean the sealing ledge. You want to make certain the sealer has a good clean surface to bond to. Set the windshield in place. Reinstall you roof prop rod, to ensure the position is exactly the same as where you set all your body adjustment to. Use wood shims at the base of the windshield as needed to obtain the optimal positioning in the frame.

Clean the glass, run a healthy bead of black silicone sealer around the frame. Then set the glass in place. Doing this task with a buddy is highly advised. Once the glass is in place and set to position (you may want/need to apply some weight to keep it in position) fill the gap with silicone. Using your finger, smooth out the silicone to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Clean her up and you're good to go.