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The rocker mounting is fairly straight forward. Set the rockers so the fronts ends are up tight to the chassis (fore/aft positioning). Take measurements using the pillars as referencing on both sides of the chassis to confirm that your location is the same on both sides.

Note: Your initial mounting is a starting place, from which you will dial in final position.

Next measure across outside of rocker to outside of rocker. The starting point dimension should be 65.5" +/- 0.5". Check that you are centered by confirming your measurements off the uprights are the same on both sides.  (i.e. pillar to rocker outer edge is the same on both sides of chassis). Confirm body panel alignment at leading edge to front clip wheel well arch and body side panels. What is important here is body panel alignment, not the exact side to side dimension. Be aware, this will likely not be your final position of the rockers. Trace the longitudinal edge of the rocker with a marker so the 65.5" side to side dimension, and one at 65" so they can easily be referenced if needed. Temporarily secure your rockers down with clear packing tape. This way it is easily adjustable, and you can see your placement relative to your alignment markings you on the aluminum. Once you mount your doors, you will likely come back and adjust these again.